GT Series

The MAREDO GT series offers great solutions for maintenance of golf greens.
A wide range of GT attachments can be connected to Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere and Baroness triple greenmowers. These greenmowers can now be used for much more than just mowing. Aerating, Verticutting, Hollow Coring Overseeding, Rolling, Sweeping etc. can now all be executed fast and with minimal surface disruption. The MAREDO GT series will improve the quality of greens fast. Please see below all GT heads which are currently available.

New Maredo Products

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GT190 Fraze-Groomer

GT190 Fraze-Groomer

GT 410 Vibe Spike-Seeder-F

GT 424 VibeSpike-Seeder-C

GT214 VibeDisc-Slicer

GT210 VibeSpike-Aerator

GT 190 Fraze-Groomer

GT300 VibeShoE-Roller

GT230 HiSpeed-Corer

GT250 CountRo-Sweeper